G&B History
The idea of painting Batik on lectric guitar came to our founder, Haryo Sasongko (Kongko), 15 years ago. Started with customizing some of his branded guitars collection, the beautiful art pieces soon gain recognition from his family and colleagues.Inspired by the feedback and the will to  create an "original production" guitar, Kongko started to create his own guitar's design and specification, and from that process was born the first line of original production guitars, which then he branded as G&B Guitars. G&B Guitars did not stop there with the development. The reason was not only we wanted to paint beautiful batik design on our guitar, but we also tried to make each of it to meet the standard of professional guitarist demand. Therefore we worked hard to develop the design that brings comfort and grear playability.
Finally, after 10 years of what we so called "research & development" program, in 2011 G&B Canting Guitar, our original production guitar that has gained positive feedbacks from players and art colletors. Later on it was followed by our other models, G&B Canting Bass.Also in 2011, the legalization process of G&B was started. Today G&B is a registered brand, a registered and established company under the name of PT.Gitar Batik Produkutama.